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Witchling of the Week

A wish motivates the heart’s desire, keeping hope and faith alive.



Faery Advisor of the Moment

Himself, of the Faeries’ Oracle.  Advisor.  Natural Law.  Life Force.  Magic.  Shamanic Power.

Gwynne Montgomery

Gwynne Montgomery

Seer Sorceress

Gwynne is the CEO, Seer, and Sorceress behind I See The Future.  Hermit.  Queen of Pentacles.  Maven of oracles.  Wicked Witch.  Lover.  Friend.

Work With Me

Oracular Business Planning

A traditional business plan outline fused with oracular guidance.  Tap directly into the knowledge of the Universe through the cards and stones to create the business of your dreams.

Oracular Pathworking

Guidance to help you discover your path and purpose.  Intensive one-on-one long-term working with oracles and magic.

Book a Reading

Email, phone, or Skype.  I can show you the path, from the past through to present and onto the possible futures.

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